• Primary care use of KidneyIntelX in early stage CKD improved clinical care delivery and outcomes. First-in-class, bioprognostic™ KidneyIntelX provided clear direction for primary care physicians to slow or stop progression of chronic kidney disease in adult diabetes patients.


  • Published real world evidence demonstrates KidneyIntelX™ improved clinical decisions and outcomes in high-risk patients with early-stage diabetic kidney disease. Risk scoring by KidneyIntelX resulted in a 4.5-fold increase in new drug prescriptions (for SGLT2 inhibitors) for high risk compared to low risk patients, an observed reduction of HbA1c levels in the highest risk patients, an overall increased use of antihypertensive therapeutics, and an observed early reduction in albumin to creatine ratio levels in the low and intermediate risk groups.


  • KidneyIntelX clinical utility and health economics validated in multiple data releases at American Society of Nephrologys. Four presentations, including first clinical utility findings from multi-year real world evidence results from a major healthcare system underscore value of KidneyIntelX™ platform in improving cost economics for Medicare population.