Our singular goal
is to eradicate kidney disease.

With our KidneyIntelX™ technology, we help clinical teams understand patient level of risk for progressive decline in kidney function in the earliest stages of diabetic kidney disease.

Knowing patient risk early enables clinicians to focus resources and guideline-recommended treatment accordingly, which provides the best chance for improving outcomes.

Chronic kidney disease is an under-recognized public health crisis.

850 million people worldwide suffer with chronic kidney disease (CKD). And it is believed that CKD will become the 5th leading cause of death in the world by 2040.

To turn the corner, we must shift the focus from kidney disease to kidney health.

Only then can we chart a new and, more clinically- and cost-effective path forward.

Another medical innovation.

Incredibly, scientists have learned how to edit genes to decrease chronic illness. They’ve invented medications to prevent the spread of deadly diseases, like HIV. They’ve even discovered multiple COVID-19 vaccines in less than one year. And now, we are proud to join that list of important medical innovations.

Introducing kidneyintelX.dkd.™

Received FDA marketing authorization, 2Q 2023.
Received final Medicare coverage determination, June 2024.

Our test’s highly-reliable, bioprognostic™ methodology, yields a simple-to-understand risk result, predicting which adult patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease stages 1-3b are at low, moderate, or high risk for progressive decline in kidney function over the next 5 years.

When clinicians combine information gathered through kidneyintelX.dkd and clinical examination, they will know which patients are at a higher to lower risk for CKD progression. They can then appropriately target resources and medications shown to be more effective at slowing or preempting disease progression in the early stages of CKD.

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Mount Sinai
Singing River Health System
University of Michigan
National Kidney Foundation

Featured in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.

Our KidneyIntelX testing technology is also featured in these prominent publications.

Journal of Primary Care and Community Health
American Journal of Nephrology
Renalytix has been featured in Diabetologia

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